Welcome to Wind River Tai Chi Chuan, internal martial arts for health & enlightenment.
Nate Morsbach, Jordan Misner, Jared Michel
Nate, Sifu, Jared

Wind River Tai Chi makes its home in Tucson, Arizona.  Master Sam Tam is Jordan’s Sifu and we teach his style of soft Internal Martial Art and Yang Tai Chi Chuan.  New students are welcome to join in our core classes at any time.  Our class structure allows us to accommodate all levels from beginner to advanced students.

Core classes are held weekly on Tuesday evenings from 6PM to 7:30PM,  and Saturday mornings from 9:30AM to 11:00AM.  

Standing Meditation with tree branch
Standing Meditation with Tree Shadows
Sifu Tam with Jordan

You will find us at the Tucson Chinese Cultural Center, 1288 W River Rd in Tucson, Arizona.

Contact us to let us know if you would like to join us or for more information.