The teaching Lineage of Wind River Internal Martial Arts

Grand Master Sam Tam is Jordan Misner’s Sifu

Master Sam Tam
Master Sam Tam

Sam Tam (1940-) was born in Mainland China and began his study of martial arts from childhood developing a strong foundation built upon upright character, self discipline, hard work and a passion for martial arts. His martial training began in the 1940s under the tutelage of very high level military martial art instructors that served with and knew his father (a physician) in Chiang Kai Shek’s Nationalist Army.

Sifu Tam is a living encyclopedia of martial arts knowledge both in theory and application. As a result of his skills and aptitude for the martial arts Sifu Tam has had the unique opportunity to learn from many of China’s highest level martial arts masters.

Tai Chi Chuan Grand Master Sam Tam (Tam Mann Yin)
Master Sam Tam

His closest and most influential teachers include:

  • Eagle Claw (Lau Fat Mang),
  • Yiquan (Han Xingyuan, Yu Pengxi),
  • Taijiquan ( Zhang Xiang Wu, Qi Jiangtao),
  • Xingyiquan ( Han Xingyuan, Zhang Xiang Wu),
  • Baguazhang ( Han Xingyuan, Zhang Xiang Wu),
  • Shuaijiao ( Chang Dongshen), and many others

I have been extremely fortunate to have learned from a master who is both as skilled at teaching as he is at his martial art. He teaches much like a mother bear teaching her cubs to hunt, very playful yet serious and practical. He has imparted his art, theory and feeling through form and function allowing me to feel in him and through him how the internal arts work. Without the direct transmission from teacher to student it is very difficult if not almost impossible to learn the internal martial and healing art of tai chi chuan.

Sifu Tam is a living demonstration of how Tai Chi applied in your life can manifest in all areas of your being. What is taught at our school carries with it Sifu Tam’s signature of feeling and principles.

It has been my very good fortune to have met and been invited to learn privately with Sifu Tam. I feel very fortunate have been given his trust and permission to teach his Internal Martial Arts to others for their health and enlightenment.

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